Architectural & Industrial Engineering Models


AMET is a leading provider of architectural and industrial engineering models. With a team of highly skilled architects, engineers, and model makers, we specialize in creating accurate, detailed, and visually appealing models that cater to the needs of various industries. Our models serve as invaluable tools for design visualization, project planning, and stakeholder communication. We produce scale models of industrial machines or equipment. These industrial models are normally
used at trade shows or exhibitions and display in board rooms or reception areas.


Architectural Models

We produce meticulously crafted architectural models that bring architectural designs to life. Our models help architects, developers, and clients visualize spatial relationships, design elements, and overall aesthetics before construction begins.

Industrial Models

Our industrial engineering models showcase intricate machinery, production processes, and facility layouts. These models assist engineers, manufacturers, and stakeholders in understanding the operational aspects and optimizing workflows.

Prototype Development

We offer prototype development services for product designers, engineers, and inventors. Our prototypes enable thorough testing and validation of concepts before entering full-scale production.

Urban Planning Models

We create urban planning models that illustrate cityscapes, infrastructure, and development projects. These models aid urban planners, government officials, and citizens in comprehending proposed changes to the urban landscape.