Solar Facade Systems & Solar Roof Tiles


Solar modules allow architects and builders to construct or transform facades and roofs with a single
integrated surface. Spectacular solar facades and roofs can be designed through employing customized or textured prints on the solar modules. The glass/glass solar modulus are secured onto the prefab facade with a certified mounting system.
All insulation materials used are compliant with the highest flammability standards and also possess
acoustical properties that will reduce noise

Solar Facade Systems

Our Solar Facade Systems merge solar technology with architectural design, allowing building exteriors to generate renewable energy while preserving their visual appeal. Our expert team collaborates closely with architects, developers, and contractors to seamlessly integrate solar panels into facades without compromising the building’s aesthetics. Our systems offer a range of customization options, including color, transparency, and patterns, ensuring that each installation is unique and aligned with the client’s design vision.

olar Roof Tiles

We provide advanced Solar Roof Tiles that blend seamlessly with various roofing materials, offering a discreet and efficient way to generate solar power from the sun. These tiles are designed for durability, weather resistance, and superior energy generation. Our solar roof tile installations not only generate electricity but also add value to properties by reducing energy costs and contributing to sustainable living.